Crane Performance Siding

Charleston Beaded Collection


A classic choice, beaded siding gives a home charm and presence beyond the ordinary. Long a favorite in the design of traditional southern colonials and seaside cottages, beaded siding adds architectural detail and unique appeal to any home. Carolina Sands® provides the extra dimension of quality with its substantial bead that gives each wide, cedar-textured plank its mark of distinction.

Key Features

Extra deep, thick edge creates a handsome bead running the length of the house.

A 6 ½” plank design matches the traditional width of fine, beaded wood siding.

A low-gloss finish for the soft-brushed look of painted wood.

Our bead is precision-shaped for a true, detailed look.

Available Width(s)

6.5” Beaded
Thickness – .044”
Windload Performance – 190 mph
Colors – 9 colors available


Tested in the face of hurricane force winds, Carolina Sands® delivers superior performance. Wedge engineering offers a dynamic response to windload in a system that distributes and defuses the force of nature. Wider, thicker, more rigid planks account for advanced strength, even as they add to the substantial beauty of Carolina Sands.

Key Features

Our WindBracer® nailing hem is gradually thickened to a wedge for outstanding windload performance.

WindBracer® system superior design has been proven to withstand winds up to 190 mph.

Carolina Sands’ 5/8” profile edge and .044” thickness maximize rigidity and gives it extra durability.